• aryan singh

    aryan singh

  • Munir Eltal

    Munir Eltal

  • T. Mark Mangum

    T. Mark Mangum

    For the serious reader. Short, compelling fiction for the serious reader. I use Imagination, wonder, and surprise to create my tales. Please Enjoy reading them.

  • J.A. Taylor

    J.A. Taylor


  • CMad Poet

    CMad Poet

    A blue collar poet describing nonsense with words. Hoping to speak some truth, encrypted in lines, to be digested as fun bite sized stories.

  • Will J Murphy

    Will J Murphy

    I write on how tech can help us do things we wouldn’t normally be able to and have fun too. I was in Telco, and I develop apps. I enjoy photography. I’ve a MBA.

  • Steve B Howard NOVELIST

    Steve B Howard NOVELIST

    Atheist. Spewer of sometimes interesting and entertaining gibberish. https://www.amazon.com/Steve-Howard/e/B00WQX1D96?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_aba

  • Zachary


    When not writing one letter at a time, you can find me chasing my thoughts down rabbit holes.

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